T-Bar Necklace

Crystal on a black thread with solid sterling silver beads.
Approximately 17" with solid sterling silver T-Bar fastener.

Available in:
Amazonite self-worth, reduces self-damaging behavior.
Amethyst: intelligence.
Blue Aventurine: balancing good luck stone.
Blue Goldstone uplifting.
Carnelian: courage and energy.
Citrine: mental clarity.
Clear Quartz: emotional well-being.
Fluorite Green calming and cleansing.
Fluorite Purple good for new experience.
Frosted Quartz: soothing and balancing.
Green Aventurine: soothes emotional pain and fears.
Howlite calming.
Lapis Lazuli protection and restlessness.
Leoidolite mood swings and anxiety, relaxing.
Red Jasper: protection and good luck.
Rose Quartz: love and calms aggression.
Tiger's eye confidence, will-power and clear thinking.
Turquoise: absorbs negativity, protective and soothing.
Tree Agate: links power of the Earth and balances energies.
Unakite: self-growth.

T-BarNecklace: click here for larger picture
T-Bar NecklaceCrystal on a black thread with solid sterling silver beads and T-Bar fastener.

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