Power Bracelets

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Inspired by the prayer beads worn by the Dalai Lama.
Genuine crystal bracelets on elasticated thread.
Each with a different reputed life enhancing effect.
All Power Bracelets now £4.50 each.
Please note that not all bracelets have the 'Buddah' bead

Power BraceletCrystalReputed Effect
amethyst power bracelet. AmethystIntellegience
black agate power bracelet.Black AgateGrounding
black sardonyx power bracelet.Black SardonyxConfidence
blue aventurine power bracelet.Blue AventurineBalancing
brecciated jasper power bracelet.Brecciated JasperEmotionally lifting
carnelian power bracelet.CarnelianCourage
celtic green marble power bracelet.Celtic Green MarbleStress
clam shell power bracelet.Clam ShellUnknown
clear quartz power bracelet.Clear QuartzStrength
dalmation jasper power bracelet.Dalmation JasperGrounding

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All Power Bracelets now £4.50 each.
All prices include postage and packing to United Kingdom.
The 'Shipping' calculation for USA and EU customers covers the additional postage costs and currency conversion.
Return within 14 days if not completely satisfied.

Please e-mail: ORDERS with your requirements if you would like to pay by cheque.
Payment details and mailing address will be sent to you by return.
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